Situated near the East entrance to Brighton’s Open Market, Mohammed – Spice Of Life has been trading there, right by The Level, since the revamped Open Market opened its gates in July 2014. Providing an Indian Subcontinent food angle to the diversity of traders who set up in that new venture, Mohammed’s groceries and meals are offered in an authentic, casual / busy / relaxed / frantic market atmosphere. He brought his wealth of previous experience running restaurants and producing wholesome, nutritious, healthy, very tasty food here to Unit 19 to provide a small, changing, range of home cooked dishes, initially served as cook-chilled portions due to restrictions on what could be done in this new space. The tiny sit down, cafe style eatery which emerged was pioneering, encouraging shoppers not only to buy and move on, but to stay a while. It set a trend and was followed by several other market traders who now offer a wide range of cuisine in the Open Market and add to the vibrancy of  the space.

Mohammed’s small, but delicious, range of dishes and fresh Banglasnacks immediately attracted customers old and new. His famed, enormous Onion Bhajis and bags of Samosas, fresh cups of Lassi and spicy Masala Chai continue to prove popular. Those who fondly recall his previous restaurants were all too happy to see him back creating delicious dishes. Fresh fans became loyal customers, taking his dishes home or stopping to eat and chat. 

My, how we all have missed those important elements of meeting, eating, sharing and enjoying together. During the periods of lockdown, Mohammed – Spice Of Life remained open for business, here to offer its products to customers who emerged to shop. Mohammed also played a role, contributing and delivering snacks and meals to support and sustain key workers at their workplace. Now, Brighton’s Open Market is poised to bounce back fully into life and Mohammed – Spice Of Life is a vital spark in that diverse mix of Brighton life.

Assisted by his brother Atique, now an Honours Graduate, and joined by his wife Jasmine, who adds her own keen touch and emphasis, this is very much a family business, focussed on honest, friendly, fair, inclusive principals, central to the local community, reflecting their Bangladeshi origins, fully enveloped in a modern take on a traditional British marketplace

There is always a friendly welcome here at Mohammed – Spice Of Life. It will continue to offer its range of daytime fare and a stopping point on a visit to the London Road area, whilst Bismillah – Spice Of Life extends into the evening, developing its own relaxed Restaurant ambiance and Takeaway / Delivery options.

Open: Mon – Sat 10am – 6pm / Sun 11am – 4pm 

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